K.O. bad habits, simply.
Science backed.

HabitStrap is a single use wristband to shape good habits and break bad ones. It helps you to get motivated and stay on track during 66 days – the time it takes to form new virtuous habits.

No mercy for bad habits.

Act Now To Shape Good Habits. Transform Your Life!


Choose a good habit

habitstrap create positive habits

Write a simple daily action that would immediately improve your life on your HabitStrap. Then seal it to your wrist during 66 days.

Track your progress

habitstrap create positive habits

HabitStrap has 66 units representing 66 days. Each day you complete your desired action, check the bar with any permanent marker and take a deep breath.

Celebrate yourself!

habitstrap create positive habits

66th bar? Congrats! You shaped a new habit. It’s that simple. You are now ready to improve other areas of your life.

66 days. Science backed.

In 2009 Phillippa Lally and colleagues from UCL Epidemiology in London researched 96 people and discovered it takes 66 days to create or break habits. Interview and study.


Always visible

HabitStrap is worse than your mom and cheaper than any coach. It’s always with you, firmly attached, serving as a perpetual visual trigger for your brain.


No learning curve, no smartphone needed, no battery, no distraction. A simple permanent marker once a day and you are done. Simplicity as its best.


Once you start, and as your chain grows longer, you will be excited to keep going until the end.

Act Now To Shape Good Habits And Transform Your Life!

Story & FAQ

Hi, Nils here.
I was broke and lonely. My situation seemed hopeless until I heard that we are the sum of our habits. I deduced that mine were bad. The solution? Break the old habits and create good ones like: stop complaining, wake up earlier, keep a gratitude journal, generate ten ideas a day, save money, exercise more, drink less, floss my teeth, write daily, maintain laser sharp focus... The list goes on and on. You know the stuff, right?

The problem?
I sucked at creating positive habits.
I have no willpower, no discipline, and no memory.

I slapped my face every day.

Multiple times per day. It hurts.
The goal? To overcome « termina-procrastinator ». The procrastination monster inside me. Each slap kicked this lazy fat ass to get shit done. It’s a quick fix, but it doesn’t consistently trigger the magic that puts my brain on autopilot. I needed something else…

66 days. Science backed.

In 2009 Phillippa Lally and colleagues from the UCL Epidemiology and Public Health researched 96 people over a period of 12 weeks in order to discover how long it takes to create or break habits. The magical number? 66 days, on average. Most habits are created in less time, but some, which are more complicated, take longer. But in 66 days, you can be considered a ninja habit master!

Wait a second… 66 days = more than 2 months! Wow… that’s an eternity when you have neither memory nor discipline.

So, I tricked myself.

I chained myself to a constant reminder. Like when you are at the hospital. You cannot unplug the perfusion machine or move without it. If you do, you die. HabitStrap is an unbreakable wristband to shape habits. Once attached, you cannot remove it except with a pair of scissors. Do it before the 66 days ends and you will get back to hell. Sort of…

Does it work?

Look, honestly 66 days are not easy. This is a journey with a lot of bumpy roads, some ups and a lot of downs, so you need a robust, trusty and permanently visible companion. HabitStrap is the only effective technique that works not only for me but also for friends, friends of friends, and family. I’m sure it will dramatically improve your life too. Once you successfully complete your first habit, trust me, you will be hooked and excited to improve other areas of your life. It’s an ever-ongoing process.


Function above all. We chose an ultra-strong, ultra-light, ultra-soft, water- and tear-resistant single use satin fabric. Bring it in the shower and to your favourite outdoor activities without worry. It will not let you down until you fight with it.

There is also a space to let you add the name of the habit you want to achieve.

The units are vertical rounded bars, not dots, to force you to precisely mark each unit.


Marking the units is like playing a game, and it’s highly addictive to track your progress instantly. Once you start, you definitely won’t want to break the chain. Remember, this is not a simple strap. It’s all about long-lasting changes and happiness along the way.

There is already an app for that...

Let’s face it, your phone is vomiting apps and notifications already. They are stressful and distracting. Apps can provide you with fancy interface and stats, but who cares? No app can beat a single purpose real world object specifically designed for one function. It’s not about fanciness but efficiency.

Act Now to Shape Good Habits!